3 Critical Signs That Your Brakes Need Repair

Your brakes are an integral component of your vehicle. If your brakes malfunction, you should immediately find a quality brake repair service. Working brakes ensure that your car can stop safely and effectively.

Without working brakes, you risk the danger of making ill-timed stops and possibly getting into an auto accident. Fortunately, recognizing the signs of faulty brakes is simple and can save your life on the road.

Do you want to know how you can analyze your brakes’ performance? Here are three critical signs that indicate brake failure.

1. Noisy Brakes

Everyone has likely heard a car drive by that seems to squeal as it turns a quick corner. Is your vehicle starting to do that? If you pay close attention to your brakes while you’re driving, do you notice a squeaky noise? Does the noise persist every time you press your brakes? If so, it could be a sign that your brake pads are wearing down and rubbing against your vehicle’s rotor. It’s essential to take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic if your brakes are noisy to diagnose the problem. Having your brakes checked and replaced when they are just starting to squeak can help prevent any further damage.

2. Grinding Brakes

Ignoring the first sign will lead to your brake pads disintegrating over time. Once this happens, your brake pads will become useless and grind against your rotor. This sign is more obvious and harmful to your vehicle. Eventually, your brake power will decrease, as the pads won’t stop your vehicle in time. Therefore, you’ll need to get your brakes checked out without delay if you notice a consistent grinding noise.

3. Leaking Brake Fluid

Leaking brake fluid may not be the most dangerous sign of failing brakes, but it’s right up there. If you have a puddle of colorless fluid under your car and don’t know what it is, check under the hood and check the brake fluid reservoir. In addition, by looking in the proximity of your vehicle’s wheel well, you should be able to see spillage of brake fluid if there is a problem. This means that your brakes must be “bled” to work properly, or your brakes will lose power and begin to fail.

Having your brakes regularly maintained is essential if you want to stay safe on the road. Noticing these crucial signs of brake failure can help you request maintenance and stay on top of your vehicle’s performance.

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