7 Tips on Which SUV should be Modified or Not

Nowadays, modification of an SUV is very popular. We would like to make our SUV more fashionable and more comfortable. However, not all the modifications are suitable to be added in our SUVs. Some are very helpful to our driving, while others are just wasting our money. Let’s which is not necessary below.

  • Foot Pedal

Whether the foot pedal is needed depends on the height of your car. It is a very practical tool for many full-size SUVs. It perfectly solves the dilemma of short legs getting off the car. However, more and more small and medium-sized SUV floods have been introduced into the market now. There is no need to add a foot pedal. Many people just follow suit to modify their SUV with it.

  • Front and rear guard bars

Actually, the front and rear guard bars completely cover the most beautiful parts of the car. It is understandable that many people want to protect their loved SUVs, especially for the new one. But in fact the role of it is very small which can be ignored. 

  • Roof rack

Most of the drivers add this modification to look more advanced. Because some low-equipped cars do not have this, many people add this modification but they really can not use much, except for  outdoor sport lovers.


There are also some outdoor sportsmen who like to install some spotlights on the SUV. This is not a miraculous modification. It is required when going out at dark night with no lights on the road. So it is better to add it to enhance safety. But there are also such a group of people who still turn on it on the city road, which is very harmful to others. If you do not go to the countryside without lights on the road, there is no need to add it.

In a word, we need to consider whether the modification is helpful to us or not. It’s inadvisable to follow others blindly. To others, the modification helps them to drive easily, comfortably and safely. But to you, it can be nothing. In this way, you are just wasting your money.

Here are some modifications that you may need.

  • Electric Tailgate

The electric tailgate is actually the electric trunk. You can open the trunk simply press the button in the car or the remote control key, then the trunk will open automatically. It is the same way when you close it. It is very useful if you always do shopping and your hands are not available with lots of things. I believe you will annoy when we are carrying lots of things but still need to open the trunk by hand and by ourselves. Especially when there is a rainy day, you will glad that you have the electric tailgate. 

2.Power Driver Seat

The power driver seat can adjust the front and rear position, upper and lower height and backrest angle of the seat through the control of the motor. The luxurious one can also adjust the thigh support and lumbar support. The power driver seat is becoming more and more intelligent and user-friendly now. It has not only more than a dozen ways to adjust the direction, but also massage function.

3.Auto Door Closer

Due to the magnetic force, when the door is closed to the door frame, the door will be automatically close. The auto door closer is very practical. If your hand are full of things when you get off the bus, you only need to gently pull the door, then the door will be automatically close. Or when there is an old man or a child in the car, it is easy for them to close the door. In this way, it can protect our door since we do not close the door with large strength. What’s more, it is dangerous to have the door not completely closed. With it, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all.

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