Car Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Properly caring for your vehicle and maintaining it is essential to keeping it in good condition and preventing costly repairs. It also ensures your safety, including other drivers and your passengers. Here are some maintenance tips you can perform to keep your vehicle driving smoothly.

Inspect & Maintain Your Tires

Knowing your car’s recommended tire PSI can assist you in maintaining your tire pressure, helping you reduce wear and tear, and get better gas mileage. Maintaining your tire pressure involves knowing your recommended PSI, checking PSI, and inflating or deflating your tires accordingly. Flat tires can be dangerous and a hazard to all driver’s safety. Some ways to avoid a blowout include tire rotations and keeping an eye out for tire recalls.

Check & Change Your Oil

It is essential to routinely check your oil to ensure your engine stays in working condition. It would be best to check oil levels monthly and change your oil as directed by your owner’s manual. You can change your oil yourself or at your local auto repair shop. If doing it yourself, make sure to learn the necessary steps and the right type of oil for your specific vehicle make and model to prevent issues later on.

Test Your Lights

While a burnt-out or broken light bulb will get you a ticket, it is also a safety hazard. Make sure to test all lights, including brights. Sometimes a light malfunction can be a fuse rather than the bulb. When unsure, head over to your trusted local auto repair shop and ask for some assistance in inspecting your lights.

Watch Your Fluids

Several fluids need to be maintained and kept at appropriate levels to keep your car working properly. Your trusted mechanic or you should watch the following fluids, coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering. Inadequate fluid or leaks could cause your vehicle to drive differently and damage your vehicle. If you see a leak, you may be able to determine the fluid by color. This can assist you or your trusted mechanic where the leak is coming from, speeding up repairs.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

While you can perform some routine maintenance at home, others require a trained mechanic. In the event of a check engine light coming on, take your car over to your trusted local auto repair shop. Trained mechanics can diagnose the issue through your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port or OBD-II.

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