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So you’ve gotten your commercial driver’s license and you’re ready to hit the road. The only problem is you have no idea what kind of jobs are available for people with your credentials and skills. The number of industries that hire CDL drivers to haul their products or perform other services is vast, so it can seem overwhelming to pick the path that will best suit your lifestyle and goals. Maybe you found some promising hopper bottom jobs in your town, but you’re not sure if that’s the right choice for you. Luckily, there are a few jobs available pretty much everywhere in the country that you can look into as other options.

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Long Haul

Long-haul drivers are what come to mind for most people when they think of truck drivers. Long-haul drivers can secure large payouts because they drive loads across state lines or sometimes even across the country. Typically, the further a driver has to travel, the higher the payout will be. The same goes for the weight of the load the carry—the heavier it is, the higher the payout. This would be a great route for a single person looking to explore the country who doesn’t mind driving long hours during the day and night.

Local Driver

If traveling the open road and being away from home doesn’t sound like your preferred lifestyle, then you might want to look into being a local truck driver. These people typically stay around their home base town, but sometimes travel to other parts of their state. The loads are usually less heavy, so you would have to work more to make as much money as long-haul driving, but many people think the benefits of going home to their family every night is worth the pay cut.

Bus Driver

Maybe hauling cargo isn’t your style at all. If so, don’t panic; there are plenty of other uses for your CDL. For example, you could become a bus driver and help to transport people and children around town or between states. School boards often hire drivers with a CDL and a clean background check, or if you don’t want to drive children you could look into employment with Greyhound and drive cross country.

The career options are endless for people with a CDL, so don’t feel like you have to do just one thing. Explore your options and pick what works best for you!

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