Common Road Hazards That Lead To Flat Tires

If you have suffered a flat tire, you may need to purchase new tires. Then, you may want to purchase road hazard protection on those tires in case you run into another road hazard. It is important for you to be aware of some of the most common causes of flat tires. That way, you know what to look for on the road, and you can take steps to avoid these issues. What are some of the most common examples of road hazards that could cause a flat tire? If your tire pressure light has come on, you may want to reach out to a professional who can help you figure out what is happening.

A Flying Object that Gets Sucked Under the Car

One of the biggest threats to your tires is a flying object that gets sucked under the car. This is an even bigger issue at night when you might have a difficult time seeing objects that are flying through the air. For example, you may be following a dump truck, only to see that a large object is flying right at your car. If it hits the ground and gets sucked under your car, it could lead to a flat tire. If you find that your car is pulling in one direction or the other, this could be a sign that you have a flat tire. You need to pull off the side of the road, put on your emergency flashers, and take a closer look at the tires.

Nails in a Construction Zone

Next, you might also be dealing with a lot of nails in a construction zone. If you see signs to slow down because you are approaching a construction zone, it is important to take this seriously. A lot of the nails that are used and roadside construction are incredibly large. If they get stuck in your tire, they could lead to a flat. If you find that your tire pressure light is on, and you cannot seem to keep your tires at the right pressure, this could be a sign that you have a nail in your tire somewhere. You may want to take your car to a tire professional to see if there is anything you can do about the leak in your tires. 

Exposed Curbs in Parking Lots

Finally, even though you drive slowly through a parking lot, you can still suffer a flat tire in this location. You need to be very careful when you are pulling into parking spots because you may strike the curb. Even though there are situations where this might not be an issue, there are plenty of curbs that have a lot of exposed sharp objects as well. If you bump these objects with your tire, it could lead to a flat. Take extra care if you are parking your car in an area with exposed curbs. 

Take Good Care of Your Tires

These are a few of the biggest threats that could lead to a flat tire. If your tire pressure light is on, it is time to reach out to a tire professional who can help you figure out how to rectify the issue. There may be situations where you can replace a damaged tire due to road hazard protection. If you are purchasing new tires, you may want to consider buying road hazard protection, particularly if you have a history of dealing with flat tires. This could help you save a lot of money in the future. As always, you need to keep your eyes open for potential hazards that could lead to damaged tires.

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