Drawing the Line: Difference Between Car Detailing and Car Washing

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about “car detailing” before. After all, it’s one of the fundamental chores in auto care. However, despite its incontestable importance to vehicle maintenance, many are still unaware of what exactly this activity involves. In fact, many tend to link it with the more common task called “car washing.”

To break the misconception and shed light into how these two differ, here are a few facts you should know:

  1. Purpose:

While washing your auto lies in the objective of removing dirt, car detailing is all about preserving it in its top condition, keeping it secured and damage-free, and boosting its resale value. In the simplest term, we could say that detailing follows a more comprehensive purpose that goes way beyond washing.

  1. Activities:

Basic vehicle washing typically involves the use power brushes that scrape away dirt from the auto’s exterior, a wash tunnel, which provides a non-abrasive cleaning solution, and sometimes, even an additional a layer of clear coat. 

On the other hand, vehicle detailing involves a lot of chores that need to be accomplished. Among the many, waxing, washing, sealing, buffing, cleaning of interior and exterior parts, dent repairing, headlight restoring, touch-up painting, and applying protective coatings are the most common. 

  1. Time:

Usually, washing your auto will take approximately 15 minutes. Whether you prefer professional hand wash or a drive-through wash, this activity will not take you an hour or more to finish.

Meanwhile, given the complexity of the chores, car detailing is expected to last for several hours or even as much as an entire day.

  1. Regularity:

If experts were to be asked, they will advise having your auto washed at least every other week. On the other hand, detailing it every six months to a year is a nice way to maintain its grandeur.

It pays to be informed. Which among the two services do you think your auto needs right away? Contact the best car experts as early as today and grant your vehicle the care it deserves.




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