How Many Industrial Spray Paints are Available in the Market?

Industrial spray paints are in constant demand as they have numerous applications wherever heat or moisture is encountered and the surrounding equipment or installation needs protection. Although there are a lot of industrial paints manufacturers, we found Com-Paint to be one of the best. They also function as industrial spray paints suppliers thus making it easier to get a top up of the paint or another product.

They offer, on demand, an all angle valve for 360 degree application which makes their product much easier to use. The spraying technique also ensures that no paint is wasted as through the traditional technique of using the paint brush. The paint film formation via this technique ranges from 15-20 microns. Also, the application in this case become much uniform and fills up all the nooks and crannies of the installation or engine parts thus proving to be much more effective than other industrial paints manufacturers.

They also are the first company in India to introduce the concept of a custom matched shade as per a shade panel. This shade matching is done via a fully computerised system thus eliminating any human errors. Their results from this shade matching have given them Delta 1 readings. This is applicable to all of their industrial spray paints and they are one of the best industrial spray paints suppliers in India. The range of their products falls under:

  • Super Acrylic Base provides incredible corrosion and UV resistance for up to 500 hours. These products can be made as per ROHS norms that provide up to 90+ gloss level.
  • Heat Resistant Paint is an air drying paint with special formulation of pigments blended into a silicone polymer resin. This is the best product to use for a heat resistant touch up ranging from 250 to 600 degrees. It also provides a gloss level ranging from 1 to 5 and is available in matt black and silver shades.
  • Zinc Rich Paint is a quick drying and corrosion resistant paint with 99.9% zinc in a grey matt finish. This product also provides anti corrosion protection and has been tested with salt spray for over 500 hours.
  • Anti-corrosive Paint is ideal to protect metals against oxidation, moisture and many other environmental and industrial hazards to increase the life of the product on which it is sprayed. It is made up of premium quality thermoplastic acrylic resin and has a corrosion resistance of over 600 hours. It also provides a high gloss clear film on the surface of application.
  • Electro Passivation Sprays are special paints for electro-galvanised surfaces that prevents oxidation of the surface with a rainbow type film. It is available in light blue, golden-yellow and clear shades.
  • Alkyd Base Paints are cheaper paints with slightly lower quality, so it is recommended to use only on insignificant surfaces and provide corrosion resistance of up to 120 hours.
  • Acrylic Base Paints are better than the oft available NC-based products in the market and have superior quality, colour, viscosity, drying time and permanence. They provide corrosion resistance and UV life of up to 300 hours.
  • Primer Sprays are the intermediate coating between the substrate and final paint. Spraying it instead of painting creates a much smoother surface and thus a nicer finish. They are available in grey, yellow and red oxide shades.
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