How To Choose The Best Used Car For You

First-time car owners and experienced car owners both know the value of choosing used cars over new ones. Selecting the right pre-owned car can mean saving a great deal of money for a vehicle that is just as good as the one that came off the manufacturing belt.

Shopping for pre-owned cars can be a challenge, especially for those who haven’t done it before. Without the right guidance, drivers can easily go home with a bad deal and a really old car. Instead of heading off to buy a used car without any knowledge of how to choose the right one, consider (and remember) the following tips:

Tip 1: Narrow Down Your Choices

The first step in shopping for anything pre-owned is to narrow down your choices. In car speak, this means choosing your preferred brand, make, model, and maximum mileage on the vehicle. Having the necessary information will help you accomplish Tip 2 faster while also making the shopping process easier.

Tip 2: Check The Current Market Value

As soon as you have all the information about a specific pre-owned car you have your eye on, it is time to do some research. Checking on the current market value of the vehicle will give you a good idea on the price point to expect and the state of mind of the seller.

Sellers that overprice their car are either not interested in selling the vehicle or they are hoping the buyer didn’t do their research and they can earn a quick buck. However, sellers that price the car below market value might be in a hurry to sell the car and this can be your chance to get a great deal.

Tip 3: Personally Inspect The Car

Online shopping is great for items like a new laptop or a summer wardrobe but they aren’t the best for used cars. The best way to know that you are getting what you pay for is to inspect the car in person. Noticing and pointing out details such as any scratch marks, weird smells, and the general condition of the vehicle can help knock down a few hundred dollars at the very least.

A personal car check will also ensure you aren’t paying top dollar for a pre-owned car that wasn’t maintained at all.

Tip 4: Do A Test Drive

A good seller will encourage a potential buyer to take the car out for a test drive. This way, you, the buyer will know if the car is the right fit for your needs and wants. During the test drive, you can check the comfort level of the seats, the sound system, and other accessories inside the car if they are worth the selling price.

Tip 5: Ask For The Repair Report

When possible, check the repair report for any indication if the car was involved in a serious accident. The seller must be able to provide this report upon request, if not, you are better off checking another vehicle with a different seller.

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