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Most of the dual-sport motorcycles lean one way or the other as the manufacturer presents a street-oriented and a dirt-oriented version of practically the same model. The decision on which to buy lies in where and how you plan to use it.

In comparison, the DR-Z 400S is the more off-road oriented and dirt-adapted of the two while the DR-Z 400SM is its street-wise counterpart.

For a more detailed comparison, check this out.

The Suzuki 2019 DR-Z 400S is the latest model of the motorcycle which was the basis of the modern DualSport movement. It is a pleasurable, dependable and efficient motorcycle designed for everyone. You will definitely enjoy riding it whether it be on the off-road or the asphalt highway.

This reputable motorbike is absolutely street legal, having an electric start and a user-friendly instrument cluster. A substantial amount of torque from the 398 cc, liquid-cooled power plant and the easy handling from the adjustable suspension can very easily impress the rider.

A solid white body with clashing blue and black graphics gives it the look of an eye-catching and modern mean machine.

The SuperMoto DR-Z 400SM by Suzuki us based on the tried and tested DR-Z 400S. It is a combination of supermotard style and features in a lightweight, narrow and completely street legal beauty. Drive it just about anywhere for a thrilling yet relaxing experience.

It is equipped with a 398 cc, liquid-cooled four-stroke engine providing strong low-rpm torque and crisp throttle response to any road conditions.

It differs from the DR-Z 400S in terms of the inverted front fork which makes for less unsprung weight and better overall handling. Wide, spoke-style wheels and 300mm floating front brake rotor gives an exhilarating sportbike ride

The DR-Z 400SM bike is adaptable and durable with a dry-sump engine with push-button starting. This supermoto possesses a fully adjustable suspension and powerful spoke wheels presenting high grip sportbike tires on wide aluminum wheels.

It does not hurt either that the new white body accented by red and blue graphics make for a rugged yet stylish look.

For your and everyone’s safety on the road, always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing when riding any motorcycle or ATV.

Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Review your owner’s manual and don’t forget to inspect your motorcycle before riding

It is always best to take a riding skill course before operating any vehicle

So you have chosen the best Suzuki motorcycle for you and as the temperature warms up, you dust off that bike and are itching to be on the road. It is always best to put safety first. Always inspect your motorcycle and never ignore signs that indicate the need for some maintenance or repair. Choose only certified Suzuki drz400 parts dealers and you are ready to go. Safe driving.

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