Three Sources to Contact After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents can happen to anybody, and it generally takes at least a few days before the whole affair is sorted and taken care of. Some accidents are worse than others and have further-reaching impacts, but even in the best case scenario of a little fender bender with no injuries, there are phone calls to make and documents to fill out. You may find yourself dealing with police, the other parties involved, auto body shops and car rental establishments. Here are three sources you should contact should you get in an accident.

1. A Legal Team 

Some people think that you only need legal counsel in the event that you’ve had major life-threatening injuries, but that is not the case. A car accident lawyer can help you know where you may be entitled to compensation, and they can help protect you from being on the wrong end of a claim where you are not at fault. While it is true that you should definitely contact a legal team if you do sustain major injuries, there are other factors to consider as well: has your employment been affected by the accident? Perhaps you’ve had to take time off that you couldn’t afford because you didn’t have transportation or couldn’t perform your job functions due to physical limitations. Has the accident affected you in other ways? If you’re unsure if you should seek compensation, make some phone calls and a lawyer can help you figure out the recommended course of action. 

2. Your Insurance Provider 

After an accident, you will be in regular contact with your insurance until you have your car back in working order. Provide them with as much information as possible — preferably with photos and videos if possible — and they will do most of the heavy lifting. An insurance agent will work to get the liable party to take care of any repairs your vehicle may need. Depending on your insurance, you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while yours is out of service, so make sure you ask the agent about what options are available to you. Since insurance is something you pay for throughout the ownership of your vehicle, but accidents are rare, be sure to get the full value of your investment.  

3.An Auto Body Shop 

Assuming the vehicle isn’t totaled, you’ll work with a body shop. Ideally, your insurance agent will help you figure out which body shop to take your vehicle to, and they will likely help with a lot of the paperwork along the way. Don’t stress about needing to take your car to get worked on. Chances are, nobody — including you — will ever be able to tell the vehicle was in an accident. A good body shop can make a damaged vehicle look like new. 

Car accidents are inconvenient and can be stressful, but good insurance and legal counsel will make the process go much smoother. Reach out to them as soon as you can and they will help you get back to your life so you can leave the accident in your rear-view mirror. 


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