As we approach 2030 and beyond, electric vehicles will be the norm thanks to their low running costs. There is no arguing that electric cars are a game-changer and are gaining more popularity as governments move towards net zero. While an electric vehicle (EV) can be expensive, the lower running costs offset the expense.

Electric vehicles are an attractive option, especially with the intensifying concerns about air quality and climate change. If you don’t own an EV, it is time to consider its advantages.

No harmful emissions

One of the greatest benefits of electric cars is that they have zero tailpipe emissions, one of the reasons governments are encouraging the shift from gas-powered cars to EVs. An electric vehicle has an electric drive motor and a battery pack that stores the electric charge to power the drive motor. The electric drive motor functions on a closed circuit and doesn’t emit any gases linked to global warming.

You don’t need fuel or diesel to power a fully electric car which is an attractive option for your carbon footprint. It is okay to say that EVs have no tailpipe emissions making them cleaner and better for the planet than their gas-powered counterparts. Even better, if you charge your EV at home using a renewable energy source, your carbon footprint reduces dramatically.

Low running costs

Another attractive benefit of EVs is that they have low running costs. Charging your EV at home is more affordable than fueling a gas-powered car, mainly if you charge at home. Even better, you can benefit from an EHSS scheme, a subsidy program that helps with charging points at home.

On average, it may cost you over $100 to fill a standard unleaded petrol tank for a medium-sized car. On the contrary, it may cost you only $15 to fully charge your EV at home, depending on your tariff. The cost savings are more significant if you can take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs at night. Even better, an electric car can give 200-500miles on a single charge which may last a couple of days if you don’t drive many miles daily.

Moreover, you can save money using an EV in urban areas as they have a zero rate of vehicle excise duty. In major cities, all pure EVs qualify for the cleaner vehicle discount and are not required to pay the congestion charge and ultra-low emission zone fees. Generally, electric cars cost less to tax compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Several government incentives are available as well, like the EHSS scheme.

Fewer maintenance and servicing costs

Every car needs routine maintenance and servicing. However, an electric vehicle has fewer mechanical parts, which reduces maintenance in the long run. In the traditional gas combustion engine, many moving parts can go wrong over time compared to an electric drive motor with less than 20 moving parts. That results in lower long-term maintenance, which saves you more money.

Better performance

As you may already know, the fun of owning a car is getting it on the road and enjoying its performance. So far, electric vehicles have had the best performance, and we can expect more as more manufacturers embrace the technology. EVs feel lighter to drive and have a more responsive acceleration and regenerative braking. Most of the events in the market have a low center of gravity, enhancing handling, safety, and comfort.

With only one gear, similar to automatic transmission cars, you only have to select the drive mode on your EV and be on your way. The lack of many mechanical parts makes the machine smooth, giving you a relaxing driving experience. An EV can provide serious performance thanks to its powerful electric motor and torque.

For instance, the tesla model S plaid can get 0-60mph in only 1.9secs. It is faster and can do around 400miles on a single charge. Additionally, most EVs have high-tech safety systems that have changed the game. Most also have a map displaying how far your current electric charge can drive and locates the next public charging point.

Even better, an EV is configurable, letting you program a charging schedule so that you can take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs. Notable events like the tesla family of cars have plug sockets that you can connect devices like a console or laptop and enjoy video games as you charge the vehicle. Also, the lack of an engine makes EVs more spacious than conventional cars hence a smooth drive with little noise.

Ev grants

As governments encourage the shift to environmentally-friendly electric cars, more EV grants are available such as the government electric car charger grant. You can take advantage of grants that help homeowners and institutions buy electric vehicles and install charging points. They are available through manufacturers and dealerships who pass the discounts to the customers. For instance, the EHSS scheme subsidises private residential buildings to install EV charging-enabling infrastructure. Additionally, you will often find free priority parking for events in major cities with a public charging point and convenient access.

More convenience

An EV can make your life easier, especially if you have a home charging point. All you need to do is plug in your EV at night when electricity tariffs are the cheapest, and it will be fully charged when you wake up. You don’t have to worry about visiting petrol stations, and your EV can go for several miles on a single charge. Most of the events in the market can go for 250-500miles on a single charge reducing the need to stop for charging. Preconditioning your EV using your smartphone allows you to check its status before a journey to avoid inconveniences.


The supporting infrastructure continues to expand as more EVs get on the roads. Major cities already have thousands of public charging points for EVs, and these numbers are increasing daily. Additionally, the increasing popularity of EVs also means that you have more options for the car, which are getting more affordable.

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