Why Shipping New Cars Is Better Than Driving Them Yourself?

Buying a new car online is great. You don’t have to be at the exact place where the buying is happening. Any place in the world is your auto buying place. 

This, however, brings an issue with itself. How are you going to transport the car from the place to your home? Buying it online and going there to take it has no logic at all. Why would you buy over the internet if you still have to go there to pick it up, right? 

The answer is called Shipping vehicle companies. These companies use big shipping trucks that load cars on them and transport them all over the country. No gas and additional mileage spent, no problems with transport at all. 

If you have concerns about this, check out the page shipcar24.com to see more about how this business is done and learn in addition what we have to say about this. This article will explain why it’s best to hire the pros in this situation.


Even if you think we ignore all other issues like money and time, there’s still one thing that you need to consider seriously – safety. 

When you decide to take the new car on an interstate ride you need to be aware of the possible dangers that might come up. Things like weather conditions, reckless drivers, police controls, vehicle malfunctions, etc. 

The weather issue is the most serious one if you buy the car during the winter. Blizzards cause death-involving accidents every year in the USA. Getting caught in one driving a car that you still don’t know too well can be disastrous.

The problematic drivers on the road are always present. People driving too fast, not paying attention to other drivers, and DUI are serious problems that can be fatal in some situations. Controlling this is the police that often writes tickets for speeding if you go just a mile faster than the law. And let’s admit it, driving through 10 states all having their regulations can be exhausting and you’ll forget about it in some moments.

Paying tickets for this is just spending money on something you didn’t plan. Another serious problem is the eventual car trouble. A new car is something you don’t know how will react on the road. It may have serious trouble and you won’t be aware of it because you’ll think the sound it produces is normal. 

All this speaks for itself and why it’s better to hire the pros. They will load your vehicle on the truck and will drive it safely to wherever it is needed. Even if something unwanted happens, they offer insurance for everything they transport so you know that nothing problematic will happen.


Money is the main concern for people deciding to drive on their own. They think that the rates asked by shipping companies are too high. This is simply not true. If you look at the thing more thoroughly you’ll see that it’s far more affordable to hire a professional company then drive yourself.

How is this possible? Well, the pros usually charge by a mile. If there are 1200 miles they’ll charge a sum that is total for taking your car from one place to another. You, on the other hand, will have to worry about gas, supplies, sleepover, tickets to get to the place, and other things. It may turn out to be a lot more expensive to do it alone than to pay someone else to transport it.

Another thing is damaging the car. Driving additional 1200 miles is expanding the car. Sooner or later you’ll have to pay for car parts and this additional mileage will only help the process happen faster. 


If the price is not convincing you, how about time. Do you have the time for this? Traveling from your place to the place where the car is might not take you a lot of time, but it will get you a few hours, that’s for sure. Then, you’ll have to get to the actual place after you’ll be exhausted by the trip. It’s not wise to drive when you’re tired, so you’ll have to sleep one night there, or start the trip and sleep somewhere on the way.

If you’re driving for 1200 miles you’ll surely have to make one stop. Let’s say you’re from Oklahoma City and you bought a car from Los Angeles. Getting there is 3 hours by plane only and not considering eventual delays or getting to and off the airport. 

Driving from LA to OKC is around 20 hours. This means you’ll have to spend at least one night in a hotel somewhere down the road. That’s at least two days traveling to get your new car. That’s one whole weekend wasted. See some things that might go wrong here.


It’s more convenient to let other people handle this problem, that’s for sure. There’s no stress, no taking care of any problems, not carrying about traffic, being late, staying out of gas, finding hotels, eating gas station sandwiches or interstate restaurant food that you don’t know how is prepared, etc.

None of this is an issue. No, you’re enjoying your home and doing what you need or want to do. You can go to work and don’t worry about the car, or you can enjoy in your back yard drinking a beer while you wait for the car to arrive. All in all, it’s far more relaxing this way.


With everything said above, one would think there’s no logic in doing this alone. And they’ll be right – there isn’t. However, some people still like to experience the adventure, the joy of getting the new car by themselves and there’s no arguing with that. 

If your wish is to do it like this and if this makes you happy, of course, that that’s the way you should do it even though you’ll lose some time and money. Doing things that make us happy in life sometimes can cost. 

Johnson Alex

Alex, a seasoned automotive journalist, uses his blog to share his in-depth knowledge about the latest car models. His detailed reviews and technical analysis are valuable resources for auto enthusiasts and potential car buyers.

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