A technological gift which is best suited for your child

For parents who always look for the safety of their kids while they are in car for their daily routines a dash cam could be a perfect option. Dash cams are like CCTV cameras that are installed on the dashboard of the car. Mostly, dash cams run on a 12V/24V DC that only gets power when the car is turned into ignition. Such devices continuously record and save the data either in the memory card or on the cloud.

When finding a car security device for your child, it’s important to consider what your child needs when driven around by the driver. The main reason to have a vehicle security device is to record every detail that takes place inside the car and on the road. 

Present vehicle security devices have features like motion-sensors, two-way calling, in-car alarms, face recognition and much more.  The new device like KENT CamEye has come up with features like facial recognition, over speeding alert systems and other features for keeping track of the people behind the wheel.

A vehicle security device is supportive and helps in protecting teen driver on the road, as well as monitors their driving habits. With a vehicle security device, parents can make sure that their teens are not texting while driving, over-speeding; or driving with people they are not supposed to. The footage that is there can be useful for a discussion around safe driving to correct risky driving behaviour. 

Real-time video recording 

Car security devices provide an additional layer of security to your essentials. It offers video recordings to the users so that they can anytime see what happened on the last trip and can save the video on the cloud if needed.

Plug and Play Device 

Dash cams are easy to install devices and get its power from the 12V car socket. Such devices do not interfere with the original electrical wiring. They never go out of battery and you can get recordings of your trips without any interruptions.  To view the trip videos you need network connection on both your phone and car surveillance cameras.

KENT CamEye Features

  1. Live Video Streaming: In and around view of car, when the car is in motion or parked, along with an option to initiate a 2-way call ring and talking to car occupants using built-in mic and speaker
  2. Audio-video Recording on Cloud: Recording of both views of the vehicle, when the vehicle is in motion & upload on a real-time basis on secure cloud storage (up to 90 days) via 4G connectivity 
  3. GPS Tracking with Route Playback: Real-time location tracking of vehicle with playback of route travelled by vehicle.

KENT CamEye ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your vehicle. It acts like a vehicle tracker and helps the user to track the real-time GPS location of the car, and playback the route travelled by car on a map.  It offers live feeds of the inside or outside view of the car and also talk with the car occupants through the device.

Besides this, KENT CamEye also records audio & video of both views, when the car is in motion and uploads on a real-time basis on secure cloud storage. Parents of teenagers are particularly worried about their whereabouts and their driving behaviour. KENT CamEye addresses these problems by letting them know their current location, their companions in the car and details about late night trips. It also sends an alert when the teenager is driving over the speed limit set by them.

This vehicle tracker with dash cam allows you to not only keep an eye on the vehicles and passengers but also track the real-time location of the car like other GPS Security Systems. It is a Non-OBD based plug and play device and is easy to install. Kent CamEye is a device that is a necessity for parents as it helps im keeping an eye on their driver and kids anytime, anywhere.

You can buy this device at a price of Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. You can get a free demo by sharing your contact details at hello@cameye.com or by calling us at 9582612345.

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