How to Build a Concrete Shed Base?

A concrete base for shed is a primary foundation which is the sturdiest option that you can get for your shed. It avoids groundwater seepage which is very harmful as it leads to rotting. A rock-solid concrete base for your shed as it usually stays in excellent condition for the future years. But it is very important to choose the right location, leveling the site, building a timber frame so that the concrete can be contained in it, mixing the concrete and pouring it into the frame and installing the shed on the top of the base.

To make the concrete base for shed, you will be needing sand, cement and water, which can even be ready mixed concrete, tape measure, string and peg, spade and rake, spirit level and set square, earth rammer and finely broken hardcore, timber, cement mixer, mixing board, tamp board, wheelbarrow and floor bearers. After the tools and the materials have been arranged, the following steps are required to create the concrete shed base.

Choosing the Right Location:

You should understand what you should be using your shed for. You should have sufficient access and services for the purpose that you will be using it. Usually, you do not need permission to put up a shade but if you need, you should take the planning permission. At least a one-meter gap should be left between the shed and the fencing or the surrounding walls. It will be easier for regular maintenance. It is important to paint your shed, treat the timbers and clear away the weeds. It reduces damp and the chances for it to rot. If you want natural light to come in, a shady spot is important. Siting the shed is important if you want water and electricity to power it off-grid.

Leveling the site:

The ground should be levelled and cleared. It is important to flatten your site or else it won’t support the shed properly. That way the integrity of the structure may be compromised over time. Changes in temperature and humidity lead the timbers to flex so which why it will be difficult to shut the doors and windows properly. Using a tape measure and the pegs and strings, mark out the entire place and keep the base slightly larger than the shed. All the turf and vegetation should be removed from the perimeter and then remove the mark out strings. After adding the hardcore, rake it and then level it with compact sand.

Building a timber frame:

Before building it, make sure that the inside measurements are simultaneous to the base dimensions. The diagonals should be equal to the square base. The spirit level can check the frame and if it sits level on the top and the necessary adjustments can be made. Extra wooden pegs hold the wooden frame securely. The Pegs should be below the top level of the frame, or it will be very difficult to level off the concrete properly.

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