How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Engine Oil?

Do you own a bike? Are you confused about choosing the right engine oil for your bike? You have arrived at the right place. There are primarily three types of engine oils to use – synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil. In addition to this, these oils come with different viscosities, including 10W-30, 20W-50, 15W-40, and more. Hence, it is pretty confusing to find the best motorcycle engine oil. Here are some points that will assist you in choosing the right type of engine oil for your motorcycle.

Types of Engine Oil

When it comes to choosing engine oil for bikes, there are several things that you need to consider, including your bike model, driving conditions, and the most important is the main purpose of your bike. Before going to any conclusion, let’s check out the different types of motorcycle oil:

Mineral Oil

It is the cheapest of all the oils. It provides very little in terms of additives. It does not offer better performance for a longer time. So, this oil is suitable for bikes that are religious about regular oil changes. Mineral oil is manufactured locally and can be used by small service stations in bulk. In addition, it is not suitable for driving conditions with varying loads as well as temperature. Using this type of oil for mountainous terrain roads can lead to engine seizure.

Premium Mineral Oil

It is a refined version of mineral oil. It is packed, filtered, and sold by superior brands. It provides better performance and longevity as compared to its mineral counterpart. It is available in standard, 1L, or 2.5L packages. It is suitable for bike owners who do not accelerate and ride their motorcycle in the economic range. The price of this oil is close to Rs.300 to 400 depending on brands and viscosity. These oils can procure from a local spare part vendor or online.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

It is composed of premium mineral oil and additives. Here, additives are chemical compounds that enhance the performance of Base Oil for a certain reason. So, semi-synthetic oil is an engineered version of Premium Mineral Oil to meet the purpose. These oils deliver superior and longer performance than Premium Mineral Oil. It is suitable for bikes above 200cc and for bike owners prone to using their motorcycles as a racing machine. But, this oil is not suitable for driving conditions with very high or low temperatures. While choosing a Semi-synthetic Oil, also note as some of them can cause degradation of rubber seals and oil leaks.

Synthetic Oil

It is developed in labs and is chemically engineered to deliver better mechanical properties at extremes of high as well as low temperatures. It has properties that are not just limited to temperatures. Some of them have properties that inhibit rust, maximizes lubricity to get better mileage, neutralizes oil impurities, to name a few. They are suitable for bike owners looking to get superior performance. They are ideal for performance engines.

When it comes to choosing the best oil for bikes, simply consider these factors:

Purpose of your bike: Be it racing, cruising, or commuting, the engine oil can be chosen based on the types of oil. Consider the price as well.

Driving condition: On high terrain road where the temperature is low, it is suitable to choose an engine based on viscosity grade.

Model: For a bike with a smaller engine, it is suitable to use premium mineral oil. But, if you want to spend extra on performance, it is suggested to choose semi-synthetic oil.

Operating temperature: It should be kept in mind while choosing the engine oil, based on the highest and lowest temperature in your city.

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