How To Deal With a Hailstorm While Driving

Nature is often unpredictable and can send weather hazards after you, especially if you are driving. Heavy precipitation like a hailstorm can limit your visibility, weaken your control of the vehicle and even damage its structure. It is important that you act quick the moment you drive through a hailstorm, as any decision you make will determine the safety of everyone on the road. 

Before the Drive

The best action against a hailstorm is prevention. Before you leave your current location, look up the latest weather reports and possible conditions for the road you are going to take and the destination. If heavy rain and hail are about to appear, stay inside and wait until the storm loses intensity or disappears. The only time you should consider leaving is for an emergency evacuation.  

During the Trip 

Even with the best preparation, you might have to drive in the middle of a hailstorm. If the storm catches you by surprise, avoid packing, keep a cool head and perform the necessary steps to stay safe. 

  • Pull out of the road and into a safe area
  • Avoid trees and go underneath overpasses or garages
  • Turn the hazard lights on
  • Stay away from windows
  • Head to the center of the car and take cover

The vehicle can protect you and the passengers, but hail can still harm you. By stopping the car and staying away from windows, you minimize the possibility of injuries and casualties. 

After the Storm 

Once the hailstorm ends, get to a safe location. Inspect the car for any hail damage. If you see smaller dents, you can ignore them, as they can get smoothed out over time and do not affect the vehicle. If you see larger dents or cracks, work with your insurance company and auto body repair denver co to make the necessary fixes. 

Driving through a hailstorm can be stressful but try to remain calm. The proper safety measures can help you, the vehicle and your passengers overcome the event. 

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