Mobile Billboard Trucks – A Primer on Mobile Outside Advertising

Mobile billboard trucks, generally known as mobile billboards, mobile ad trucks, billboard trucks, ad trucks, or mobile media vehicles, are usually a self propelled vehicle with different light duty commercial truck chassis, that has been fitted having a custom made, 2 or 3 sided sign frame. There are a number of sign system designs, including tri-face and scrolling mixers seem like modified box trucks, and which could support multiple advertisers. However, the most typical style is actually a static truck which usually features two panels, each calculating roughly 22′ wide by 9′ – 10′ high. Recently, using the creation of grand format digital printing, the sign panels have started out paper posters to scrim reinforced heavy plastic, and many lately to polyethylene that is stated to become easily recycled.

The Outside Advertising Association of the usa classifies mobile billboard trucks underneath the Transit category, with a number of non-traditional out-of-home media formats. Billboard trucks possess a quite recent history, with a few of the earliest mobile billboards apparently turning up in New You are able to City within the 1980’s. Others have attributed their origins to Texas and Los Angeles. Throughout a recent business call among mobile billboard company executives located and moderated through the OAAA, which this author participated, some of the participants believed that across the country, you will find 500 or less mobile billboard trucks on the highway within the U . s . States.

Mobile billboards can be used for a multitude of advertising purposes. Using their automotive abilities almost anywhere, they’re distinctively in a position to target a particular locale to advertise the Grand Opening of the store or perhaps a restaurant. Regrettably, because of the economy, promoting store Bankruptcies and shut-out Sales more and more appears to become a regular assignment for billboard trucks.

On the broader scale, multiple billboard trucks have frequently been used concurrently inside a market, or across multiple markets, to advertise the roll-from a brand new consumer product, or as was the situation at the end of October 2008, promoting the Obama-Biden Presidential Campaign inside a handful states were the polls indicated it had become a detailed race. There’ve even been a couple of instances, on B to B and B to C ad campaigns, where two trucks have driven together, having a two-part message.

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