Most Common Questions Asked about Car Oil Change

Engines in the vehicles have evolved through decades to become more capable with lesser need for maintenance. They are constantly worked upon to produce more power while asking for less fuel. But with this reduced maintenance regime, the most common auto repair shop services like oil change, filter change have become more significant, as that is the best way to keep these engines healthy, and have a prolonged life span. That being said, we should also mention the fact, that the new car users are now supposed to take these services seriously and know about these services in detail. 

That being the current scenario, we can see, that there are few questions regarding car oil change that are frequently asked by the new car users, and here we’re going to talk about them. 

Engine Oil Light 

The cars today communicate to their users through some warning messages, that mainly includes the warning lights. These lights indicate issues with the major parts like engine, engine oil etc. The warning light for checking the oil starts illuminating when the oil pressure recedes beyond the recommended level. So, none should ignore the warning light that is asking you to check the engine oil pressure. If it illuminates, you must instantly put the engine off otherwise it can lead to a catastrophic damage.

Recommended Frequency Between Oil Changes

The modern day engines are improving, and so are the brands of engine oil. Both are on the same mission of extending the oil life up to 20,000 miles and if possible even beyond that. So in comparison to earlier days, today’s engine oils are made to last longer than ever, but that doesn’t imply, they won’t get contaminated or worn out. On the contrary, the modern day engine oil wears off faster than any other engine components or fluids.

Roles of Driving Conditions and Habits

If you are curious to know if the driving conditions at all affect the engine oil. The experts will say “Absolutely”. That’s why the car monitors are programmed in certain way that can diagnose the oil life based on the related data like engine temperature, engine load and idle time. The engine that is pushed hard more often will shorten the oil life. Hence aggressive driving is the perfect recipe to make the engine oil live shorter than they are supposed to. 

Results of Procrastinating 

It is a common bad habit of many car users to postpone the oil change service. For them, it is important to know that by delaying the oil change schedule they are limiting their car engine to be left with only the base oil and therefore reducing the level of protection, they actually need.

The Verdict

The reality is, engine oil changes are far more important than what many drivers think. Therefore replacing the engine oil and its filter during every oil change session becomes necessary, without which they will expose their car engine to more decaying conditions that can result into an expensive repair work. 

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