Spruce up Your RV With RV Remodeling

The motor home has become an extension of us, and if you can’t afford a brand new RV, chances are you are thinking about doing some type of renovations to your current model. An RV is like a home in that certain parts of it will become outdated and need repairs at some point in time, and with a little bit of work and research, you can rehab an RV fairly easily. 

RV’s have most of the components that you’d find in a full-size house including a kitchen area, appliances, and even bathrooms that can use a good refresh every decade or so. If you spend a lot of time in your RV chances are that you want to make it as modern as possible, and with the right plan set in place, you can do just that.

To start things off you need to examine what it is that your RV is lacking, and what you’d like to see changed inside of it. The first thing that comes to mind for most people is the kitchen, RV kitchens have never been anything particularly special but if it’s outdated your not going to want to cook in there. Because the RV’s kitchen is such a small space upgrading it isn’t hard at all, instead, you can find most of the supplies for a very affordable price. 

Take the kitchen counters, for instance, upgrading them with granite or a more modern looking tile can dramatically change how your kitchen looks. You’ll also want to look into changing out those old plastic sinks with new stainless steel sinks, which not only look better but they are sanitary as well.

The first time RV remodeling can be a fun thing to do, making space a unique extension of your personality. Flooring is a sore spot for most older RV’s, and if the carpeting is stale you might want to consider vinyl flooring. Installing vinyl flooring throughout your RV will make it look modern and a whole lot more inviting, which is why many RV owners are going for the vinyl floor route. 

Carpet is still another popular choice for RV remodeling, but carpet can be more expensive than vinyl and it has to be cut to fit the area in which it is being installed which means that a lot of the carpet that you purchase will go to waste during the remodel.

Appliances are another thing that you can change out ion your RV relatively inexpensively, the old cooktop in your RV probably isn’t cutting it anymore and that tiny oven might be past its prime. 

Because RV appliances are so small they are relatively cheap to buy, and what a world of difference stainless steel will make in such a small spot. The same goes for reupholstering your furniture, from the seats to that old pull out sofa. Your RV is probably still stuck in a previous decade, and some new upholstery can be done cheaply and it will make a world of difference.

Upgrading the electronics in your RV will also make the drive a more pleasurable experience. Adding a Bluetooth radio with a DVD player will allow you to watch movies and stream your music on the go, and adding a flat panel television will increase the living space and give you something better to watch than the old TV that most of these RV’s came with. 

Sprucing up your old RV doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do, it just takes a little bit of determination and a whole lot of imagination to create a welcome living space that you’ll enjoy.

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