Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car

It’s fact modern cars have a long lifespan. Thanks to better designs, and engines much more reliable than in the past, we keep our cars longer and longer. But beyond the intrinsic qualities of a car, its lifespan depends on many factors. You have the possibility of carrying out regular checks and simple operations, which will have the consequences of extending the lifespan of your vehicle by a few years.

1. Comply With The Maintenance Plan Provided By The Manufacturer

If this advice seems obvious, many owners skip, voluntarily or by negligence, specific periodic maintenance listed on the maintenance book of the car of their vehicle. Although they sometimes seem unhelpful and expensive, car maintenance tracking helps keep your car’s mechanics in good shape.

Over time and the kilometers traveled, the fluids of a vehicle, such as oil or brake fluid, become clogged and lose some of their properties. The same goes for wear parts, such as brake pads and discs, or the clutch or catalytic converter. Respecting the maintenance plan for your car means ensuring that everything on it works for a long time.

2. Fix Faults As Soon As You Notice Them

An air conditioning that is no longer cold? A starter who is capricious? A direction that lacks precision? Don’t let these little flaws set in, and take care of them immediately. First, a breakdown never fixes itself. By leaving it lying around, there is a good chance that it will worsen, and other elements will end up being affected.

In addition to having to deal with more complex and expensive repairs, you risk seriously reducing the life expectancy of your car.

3. Give Your Car Time To Warm Up

The days of starters are over, and most cars in good condition start right away, no matter the temperature outside. But whether it is hot or cold, it is essential to respect the warm-up times of an engine so that it lasts over time. Indeed, an engine is made to operate at a certain temperature. Many parts expand and lubricate to give the engine its ideal performance when it is reached. If you apply sudden stress to your car when cold, you force certain parts and thus increase the risk of early wear and tear or even breakage.

4. Keep A Clean Car

A car is full of joints, gaps, and nooks, which are all ideal hiding places for the dirt you come across on the road every day. Cleaning your car regularly, inside and out, removes the dust that accumulates over time. For this, we provide you with a wide choice of accessories for car cleaning.

By doing so, you protect the engine compartment the passenger compartment of your car against dirt and thus prevent the accumulation of the latter from seriously damaging your coach. Also, take the time to thoroughly clean your car’s bodywork to remove all the small dirt and give it back the shine of its first days. To maintain your car, we recommend that you regularly vacuum its living areas. Have in mind that there are broken car assisting service (บริการช่วยเหลือรถเสีย which is the term in Thai) for your car damage.

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