What to Do If You Get Locked Out of Your Car?

Car keys often get misplaced or left in the car ignition. Keys or door locks can suddenly not work. These occurrences are normal while driving home from work or going to the mall. There are no warning signs. So, when you get locked out, remain calm. Never force the car doors to open because the vehicle can get damaged. Instead, find a lock professional located nearby. You can even prepare yourself to handle the car locks to get behind the steering wheel.


  • Check every door, if you misplaced the car keys. There is a possibility that a door lock may not get properly closed. 
  • If you have the keys, but the lock malfunctions then try other lock cylinders, or if your car has a trunk, then you can unlock doors through it. Try the physical key because there can be a problem with the car’s remote.

People living around Oklahoma Metro areas can consider searching for an emergency locksmith in Oklahoma City. Just give them a call and they will know your car’s exact location. Assistance will reach you as soon as possible. 

Use a tool

You will need a thin and strong rod-like tool and a wedge-shaped object. Create a gap between the frame and door with the wedge. Insert the rod in this gap and manipulate the lock. Place a cloth over the wedge to avoid scuffing. Carefully create a small gap and avoid holding it open for too long. It can damage window glass or door. However, using tools is a bad idea. 

A better solution is to hire a lock picking serviceThe professional locksmith will unlock your car without any damages or repair broken locks that led to this quandary. They even design new keys, if you lost or broke your existing ones. 

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