Extend Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Range With Fuel Bladders or Fuel Cells

Long-range fuel for adventure motorcycling | Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

There are numerous considerations that riders need to take note of when planning for a road or off-road trip, such as the storage for their belongings that they would bring on the adventure. Riders can opt for an SW Motech pro tank bag that allows flexibility for motorcycle storage. 

Aside from this, it is also crucial to consider motorcycle protection equipment for adventures on the road. Some options that motorcycle riders can consider to protect their bike are crash bars, skid plates, cylinder guards, and hand guards. 

Another consideration in planning a road trip is the amount of fuel to carry. Running out of fuel on the road before arriving at the next fuel station can be a concern riders can face. Once venturing away from civilization, larger motorcycle bikes might need more capacity with the stock fuel tank.

Other additional factors must be considered when figuring out one’s fuel range while on the road. A stock fuel tank can hold sufficient fuel for a certain distance under normal conditions. However, fuel consumption can also increase under difficult road conditions such as deep sand or headwinds. Fuel supply can also be a concern in more remote places from time to time, so it is ideal to have some supply as a reserve. 

Riders need to choose how to transport additional fuel. Motorcycles have limitations on how much they can carry and how fuel containers can be mounted or strapped. It is crucial to ensure that the fuel cell or bladder remains in place during the trip. With this, it is helpful for motorcyclists who require additional fuel to opt for purpose-built fuel cells, fuel bladders, or a combination of both options.

For more details on extending a motorcycle’s fuel range with fuel bladders or fuel cells, here is an infographic by Motorrad Garage.

Fuel extender Motorrad Garage
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