We will be going through the Anthem Offroad Wheels today to help you choose your favorite for your truck build. These wheels are great for outdoor activities.

Anthem Offroad is the in-house aftermarket wheel company for outdoorsmen. Anthem OffRoad is an American supporter. Ideal for hardworking Americans. These wheels are durable and will withstand any abuse. Anthem is a Midwest American company. Join the Anthem family today.


The Anthem Avenger alloy wheel is one-piece and has 9 spokes. This wheel can withstand almost any punishment you throw at it. The Avenger comes in gloss black or satin black, with milled spoke edges.

The Avenger comes in sizes from 17-20 inches, 9-12 inches, and -44 to +18mm offsets. There are also various bolt patterns. The most popular option is the 18×9″ +18mm black milled finish. Sets are available for the 17×9″ +18mm set in satin black.


The Commander lives by its name. As you drive past it, it commands your attention. This off-road wheel will perform well and will look fantastic.

The Commander is an alloy wheel made of one piece and has 8-spokes. You can choose from matte or gloss black finishes.

There are many options for the Commander: sizes from 18 to 20 inches, 9 inches wide, 0mm offset, and many bolt patterns. The most popular option is the 18×9 inch 0mm in matte black. This is also the most economical.


The Defender will make you look great, no matter what road you travel on. This wheel comes in a variety of offsets, from aggressive to more relaxed styles. The Defender 8-spoke wheel comes in gloss and matte black finishes.

There are three sizes of Defender: 18-20 inches, 9-12 inches, +44mm to +18mm offsets, and tons of bolt patterns. The best-selling Defender is the 20×12″, -44mm gloss black finish. Sets as can be purchased for the 20×9″, +18mm gloss black finish. 

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