The increase in sale of auto parts via the Internet

The global trend of selling goods over the Internet continues this year as well. The increase in internet sales is also recorded in the area of ​​auto parts. Experts from that field from the auto delovi site will help us with the answers to our questions and advice for our readers. They have many years of experience in this field dating back to 2008. Therefore, they started with this type of sales at the very beginning and follow the development every year.

The increase in sales of auto parts via the Internet has increased in all European Union countries In some countries, the sales jump in 2020 exceeds 35%. This has led to the fact that in some countries where the UK and France are leading people bought in services and shops.

This type of purchase is constantly increasing and therefore attracts because of its profit and sellers who sell goods of dubious origin and quality. Customers are sometimes deceived or get goods that do not match their dimensions and quality. To protect against such sales, consumer protection laws are being enacted rapidly in many countries, but in many cases this does not work in practice.

In order to better understand the experts from auto delovi beograd, the company helps us to get to know better the part of auto parts sales.

Sales of auto parts are based on two segments:

  • Genuine parts
  • Aftermarket parts

Original genuine parts

The sale of original auto parts is specific in that it takes place mainly through authorized dealers for new vehicles. These are usually representative offices of the car manufacturers themselves. This type of purchase includes the certainty that you will get the part you are looking for in the appropriate quality prescribed by the factory. The only drawback of buying original parts is that they are very expensive than aftermarket parts. In some cases, you will definitely have to buy original parts because they do not exist on the aftermarket parts market. Certainly, attention should be paid to traffic safety, and there are original parts in a great advantage over spare parts.

Aftermarket parts

Replacement aftermarket parts are present to a large extent in the market. It is estimated that their share of sales is up to 90%. You should definitely know that good and bad parts can be found in aftermarket sales as well. Namely, there are factories that produce parts for factory use and that offer the same parts with exactly the same quality on the market under their own brand.

Brands that can boast of selling parts to factories are Ina, Luk, Sachs, Lemforder, Skf, Valeo, Bosch. These are mostly brands that produce in the countries of the European Union. You can buy such brands at a much better price than the original ones, and most importantly with completely identical quality. The disadvantage of aftermarket parts is that you have to be careful where you buy them and from whom. We suggest that you always ask yourself who the seller is and whether he has a contract to represent these brands in the market. If you are the official seller of these brands, you will get practically the same quality at much better prices.

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